Find what you love and let it kill you.

Hello everyone , It’s your boy Ahmed here and im truly sorry for the past month or so for not being able to write to you guys. I’m sure you all must have thought that if I’m not doing what I love doing the most which is to write and specially to all the beautiful people who take out the time to read my articles and appreciate my work then that means something is terribly wrong. That’s true and even right now I can’t man up to tell you what I was going through during this period of time , Im sure many of you must have dealt with situations much worse than this but for me it was a first and one of the most horrible and depressing experience of my life till date and in this post I’m going to share it all with you and also how it influenced me and my overall well being and what I think about it. So let’s kill the bubble of curiosity and let you know what it is that I’m talking about , it’s the sad and inevitable truth that the girl who I had been so crazy in love with for the past year and even had imagined my whole life with her well she is no longer here with me and it all just seems so unreal I mean how could someone do that to the one they love or atleast claimed to love and what about the countless promises made and the dreams we had seen together? Guys I’m not sure if any of you think it’s not such a big deal and I don’t really care right now because for me it’s the biggest tragedy and the most hurting reality , I’ve never felt so hopeless and depressed in the last twenty three years since the time I came in this world. It’s like she took a huge part of me with her and I’m so incomplete like there’s a huge hole inside of me. I was literally feeling like something is killing me from the inside so I thought maybe writing to you guys would make me feel better and honestly letting things out is good, better than I was earlier. So tell me something everyone I know I’m young and I’m my early twenties and that there must be many of you with alot more life experience than me which is why I want to ask you all if any of you know what I feel like? It’s been a month and still seems like I just met her yesterday , I think that this pain is never ending and the rest of my life seems short to ever recover from this . I don’t really get why someone would do that to their loved ones? What was her motive? I have so many questions and what kills me even more is that she recently changed her number and everyone including my friends have it but not me. She has changed so fast I could not do that even if I tried to. Now I’ve started thinking that it might even be karma because I’ve dated a couple girls before her and I used to say that there’s nothing such as love it’s a illusion and used this belief as an excuse to get rid of them but I still didn’t do even close to what happened to me. Love fucked me over like who is your daddy now? I always thought I could conquer all feelings and if anyone would be rude or harsh I would show them my bad side but this girl has done permanent damage to me and roams around freely I can’t even think of cursing her far away harming her. How strange is love? I’m going to be really honest here guys I know we all have our own experiences and stories to tell but if your ask me for me love is toxic .

‘ Find what you love and let it kill you

Written by Ahmed Shah


The age of destruction

Hello everyone, you all must be wondering what the main title of this post is referring to but if you concentrate a bit it really speaks out for itself also more importantly I want you all to know that like all the articles I’ve wrote for this blog previously this one is also truly based upon my own point of views and In light of my own personal experiences related to life. So coming to our topic at hand like I said the title speaks for itself well I’m sure you all must have figured by now that it’s related to a certain age or a bad track of time and no by bad I don’t mean unlucky I really mean bad because I think there’s no such thing as unlucky time infact we make decisions somewhere in our past lives which most of us probably don’t even remember by the time their consequences take affect and if they are bad we consider ourselves unlucky even though we had done it to ourselves. You might be wondering how bad times differ here well I personally consider the worst of times on us is that age era where we are the most possibly exposed to negativity or bad influence for many which affects the rest of their lives ahead of them too. I’m going to tell you when I had to go through that era well it must be the same for many of you guys who have gone through it as well I’m talking about our teenage years. I’m 23 years old right now and all the bad habits I ever got hooked with came from my teenage mostly it was the couple years post sweet sixteen when I started smoking all kinds of shit and drank my first beer top that all hit that well I’m confused about the last one if that was good or a bad thing, Lol. So I hope you all got my message here specially the ones who still have time to stay away from the cool kids and the peer pressure that’s fake fame and that bad influence becomes a life long regret. Stay safe and breathing you all life comes first than anything in this world , Always. Thankyou.

Ahmed Shah

A little positivity can do big wonders

You know I’ve always been so curious as to why other kids were like that at times I used to believe maybe I’m the word one but no . I’m talking about mostly all my teenage life when I literally had to witness my school fellows who I remember we’re kids only in their early teenage but sobbing over issues like their high school break ups , I remember most of them not even being barely fifteen years old some so negatively influenced by emotions and feelings those of which are hardly only witnessed by some people and even those cases are atleast after the age of fifty and the fact that was even more disturbing that some of them acted like their life was already over in such a premature age just because of the one that got away well I won’t say it’s not a sad story in fact this one seems legit only until you think of the fact that their so called heart breaks hit them before even puberty did . Lol . Sorry. Anyways coming back to our topic at hand which is how I personally with the help of just a little bit of positivity applied to certain aspects or situations that arose in my life actually helped me take my life on a whole different level obviously in a very positive way .I have my own country where I grew up as a great example to surf a little light on what I’m trying to say here , so yes coming back to my country also known as Pakistan which was founded in the mid 90’s by our famous leader Mohammed Ali Jinnah so as it wasn’t in the map from a long time it doesn’t really take a genius to figure out that it still probably might be in it’s developing state , and by developing Im referring to major illiteracy rates , gender discrimination , racial differences and so goes on. The biggest problem were/are the illiteracy rates because everything else just rooted up from there. My point is that growing up in such an environment you are brought up to be strong and alot more immune to common day diseases and mental disorders which most people are not specially in many of the majorly leading countries of the world , take for example if every nine out of ten don’t even know what depression means do you think that would save them from depression in reality? No. So what do you think they do? No they don’t die so rule that out the truth is that they are rather raised up in a manner taught to be as mentally , spiritually and emotionally strong enough as the situations they would have to deal with in everyday lives without making it a life threatening or a highly serious issue. Yes that’s true and I have personally witnessed how just a little motivation or positivity can bring long term advancements in your life. It’s just like the famous saying our rather made up.

If life throws lemons at you just make yourself a lemonade .

You see how negativity could be changed into positivite vibes and how it all depends on our own self to react to different situations all with a positive mindset. Another one by Gandhi gee

‘Be the Change you want to see in this world.

Change yourself to change others or you don’t have a right. Cheers all

Flaws of attraction

Hello , Hola , Ne Hao and Bonjour to all my beautiful viewers from all around the globe. Before I start with my post I want to tell you guys something that almost all of what I write in my articles and specially the advice I give is according to my personal views and experiences and I’m not promoting you guys to live your lives my way because what’s good for one person can be bad for another so simply make decisions on your own judgements and only take suggestions you think could work out for you. So coming back to the topic at hand it’s something I’ve always kept to myself till date but since I presumed lately that sharing it with the world could maybe do good if not for most then atleast some of you guys , it’s another one of my opinions and what I think about being attractive and how to influence the views of your partner regarding you and keep them attracted to you like the first day of your relationship. I personally think all the magic is in your attitude and how you behave when around them I don’t want to sound mean but it is what it is , what I’m trying to say is that it’s human nature specially us men we like to achieve goals that are challenging for us I mean the most cases I’ve seen of guys even my friends breaking up with their girl because they were no longer attracted towards them since they were a too easy catch and on the other hand the most successful relationships I’ve seen are where the girl is bossy or has a dominating personality. Another example to prove this theory is that mostly you can say ninety percent of the people in love with someone are one sided cases and usually the other person is not attracted or has mutual feelings I mean just think why would we want someone who is already head over heels for us in reality they prove to be better lovers since their feelings are true but human nature is to always go for someone who shows us attitude or is moody and that’s just silly and mostly never works out. I don’t know why us human beings are so complicated why not just love someone who loves us ? Why can’t we just keep it simple? What good does that ego do when we are treated the same way we have treated someone who loved us truly in the past somewhere and that’s when we realise how unlucky we were to let go of them but it’s too late by then and they are probably with someone else . I don’t know if you guys will agree with my view regarding the law of attraction but I was eager to put it out for you all to read and review it. Leave comments below thanks xo

Writer: Ahmed Shah

Sometimes it’s actually just better to not have a plan

Hello everyone , Today I’m going to share with you the story of this guy in his mid twenties who belonged to a very well off family and like all of us at some point in life have had a celebrity crush he had one too but this guy I’m talking about took things to the next level. He used to be crazy about this actoress who back then must have at least been a decade older than him but what could be done , love sees no age so one day this man decides to go all the way across country to see his dream woman and one of the most famous celebrities of that time but he didn’t want to approach her as a fan so he decided to use all his contacts and alot of his cash to be able to join the industry himself . Some time passed and he realized that he actually seems to be liking his work so he started taking interest in it. Today it’s been another ten years after he joined the industry and what crush ? He prolly doesn’t even remember her name by now. You see my point here? You know how they say life just happens to you and things don’t always work according to planned so let me tell you that it’s actually okay to not have one. You just need to be passionate and have to believe in yourself and things will just work out their way, trust me . Also don’t stress too much because it’s really worth no good nor is it going to make whatever situation you’re in any better could make it worse though and the most important thing is to never give up on yourself that’s the mantra if you fall seven times get up eight. You never know when and where things can work out for you so don’t miss a single opportunity thinking that you might lose like you maybe did three times consecutively just before that because everyone has their own talent and capabilities it’s like Einstein said that ‘if you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree it will die trying so don’t lose hope and give it another try and you never know that just might be your big break what you would have almost missed and let me tell you something its that we never lose , We either win or we learn from the experience and our mistakes and nail it next time and another important factor is to not care about other people or what they think about you because at the end of the day it’s your life and only you have the right to make decisions for yourself and those people aren’t going to to pay your bills get my point ? Thankyou for reading everyone.

Writer : Ahmed Shah

Perfect imperfections

We are all human beings and we should not forget that it’s generally in our nature to make the best out of all that we attempt to do in our lives and no matter how good or talented we are at anything at the end its never really going to be enough and for us there’s always going to be a next level but that’s not the problem here every one has a right to dream about and want the best for themselves but there’s a fine line between wanting or trying to be successful and thriving for perfection now here’s where most of us get confused and think both of these are related to one another but if we stop just for a second and think about it they are not at all relative to each other because being perfect means to be the best of all in everything but I don’t believe that is possible and God has gifted each of us different qualities and talents from one another and it’s just simply not possible for any single person to be the best at everything unless maybe they have super natural powers which is impossible and looks good just in the movies while on the other hand first rule to be successful is to accept the fact that we are not perfect , nobody is we might be the best at some certain things we do but impossible to be the best at all.  Personally , All the highly successful people that I’ve ever met till date when I asked all of them how they got to where they are today each of them replied with the same answer that it was always a case of two steps forward and one step back in other words you can only be successful after you have learned to accept your flaws and your failure. Do you know even I sometimes think to myself what if I could go back in the past and fix all the mistakes or the wrong choices and decisions I made then maybe  I could have been living a life that’s perfect in all ways but too bad when reality checks so the sooner we accept who we really are instead of lying to ourselves and living in our own bubble of perfection the better our lives will be from that point onwards . Just remember this that sometimes people or things are not exactly as they are presenting themselves to be and at that point the solution is for you to just be a better judge for yourself. I personally believe we are all just perfectly imperfect people

Born in the 90’s

Hello viewers hope you all are doing good since I couldn’t catch up with you guys lately due to being fully occupied the past week but don’t worry I’m back with a bang and by a bang I mean another interesting topic which is related to my own personal life and I’m pretty sure you all would like it . So as you might have noticed the title of this post you would know by know that it’s dedicated to everyone who was either born or raised in the 90’s . So including myself and all those who were born or raised in that specific time era must agree with the fact that all of us came in this world along all the cool things and inventions that are a major influence in the modern day technology and so goes on. Well I don’t know about you all but I was born in the year 1994 just when it was time for a whole new era of cool stuffs , gadgets and inventions to be prevailed upon us and right before the whole world was getting prepared for the most advanced experimental and technological changes along with the most successful century till date the 21st century. Now as you all know how cool it is being a 90’s kid I would like to further discuss some major issues presenting the pros and cons (if there were any) of being born and raised in the nineties . Now starting with the issue at hand with kids nowadays and the reason because of which I’m highly against the parents of today and the way they are lacking in fulfilling their duties and children responsibilities is the major increase in children having concentration issues , learning issues and specially the main reason of losing or having impaired eyesight which is due to an unbelievably enormous increase in the usage of computers , TVs , smartphones etc among the children between the ages of 8 to 14 years old in just the last two years . Being a kid of the 90’s even after 23 years of taking birth I still have perfect eyesight among with all my age fellows by the blessing of Allah and the main reason behind this is belonging to a generation that was free of such modern technologies and even other than that we liked to play outside rather than sitting in front of a screen all day. Well enough of the sad talk let’s come to some fun facts regarding our childhood days I still remember the first most important invention that changed our lives was when our parents got the first computer ever trust me it was like Christmas everyday , Lol. You know what’s the most amazing part of getting that computer well for some of the stupid ones it could be the silly games but for a bright sole like myself even being 11 years of age the more exciting news was the internet and to top that experiencing first hand the changes that it created in our society which back then was pretty cool so shush. Another thing that I loved was being new to everything and the most fun thing to do was to successfully learn how to type on a keyboard to cut it short us kids used to be happy on such simple things and didn’t tease our parents to buy us things above their payroll umm I don’t think you need an example of today where a 100000 rupee phone is to look cool or the minimum requirement to smile for a kid nowadays. Now as I grew up I thought all the cool inventions were made already since we had the computer phone internet so goes on but as soon as I was ten the most epic invention of all came to discovery the best music genre RAP which is still loved the same way it was back then not to mention the super comfy clothes we danced and played around in . Oh God I tried my best to state the facts not compliment the kids of our time era but I think that’s just the way it is we are the only one s alive with the best childhood and teenage years till date .